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Bud Of Joy Artisan . Wholegrains . Organic

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Wed, Thu, Fri
9am - 12.30pm
Closed on Weekends, Mon, Tue,
and Public Holidays
71 Circuit Road, #01-31, S370071

MRT: MacPherson (5 min)
Carpark: Just behind Shop

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Bud Of Joy > Our Story

Our Story

At Bud Of Joy, there is one thing most important to us – the health of our customers.
This small bakery exists to provide food as it should be.

We believe in using carefully-sourced organic ingredients. Artificial ingredients are not tolerated in our bakes. Our goal -- produce nutritious bakes that are clean, healthy and tasty! Recipes are formulated with our customers in mind and baked by our passionate bakers.

We want to provide food that is safe, even for babies, as soon as they are ready for solid food.

Be it dairy-free, eggless, vegan or gluten-free, there is always something that you can choose from.

We list all our ingredients online and on our packaging to seal our commitment of using only the best natural and certified organic ingredients. We are confident you will taste the difference because of the quality of our bakes.

How It Started

Baked goods are so convenient and delicious, but where were the healthy versions?
We wanted to find breads, cakes and pastries that weren’t made with food colouring, artificial flavours, margarine, GMO ingredients, preservatives, and other nasties, like E numbers and gums.

We also wanted to avoid food tainted with chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers and growth hormones and antibiotics commonly found in animal products.

Some commercial bakes we found were healthier but still not ideal because only selected ingredients were good.

Some of our friends and relatives also faced the same problem. They wanted safe and convenient food but they could not find something suitable. They tried baking their own bread and buns. But it was simply too time-consuming.

Eventually, for ourselves, our friends and family, and anyone searching for high quality bakes, we started Bud Of Joy in 2012.

Our focus from then till now has been to provide food that is safe and untainted, food as nature intended it to be.

We firmly decided that our organic bakes should truly be organic, not just the flour or the sugar. Whatever ingredient that can be organic should be organic, including the oils, the fruits, the nuts and more.

Today Bud Of Joy serves hundreds of customers, and they include:

  • • Individuals with allergies,
  • • Individuals into health and fitness,
  • • Individuals avoiding gluten, eggs, dairy or other ingredients,
  • • Parents who are looking for safe and wholesome food for their children.

We are proud of the flavours and authenticity of our food. You can be assured of really high-quality bakes that support your health; Food as it should be.

Feel free to browse our website, and please try something today!

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Bud Of Joy > Our Story