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Bud Of Joy Artisan . Wholegrains . Organic
Bud Of Joy > 130 degrees Organic Cakes

130 degrees Organic Cakes

This range of 130 degrees cakes are dairy-free and chemical-free! Yes, they do not even contain baking powder!

These moist and flavourful cakes are made from scratch. Just like our Organic Chiffon Cakes, these are completely chemical free without even baking powder.

Feedback received for this new cake has been very encouraging, with customers describing it as 'Out of this world!', 'So soft and light!', 'Not too sweet!', and 'Moist and refreshing!' When you get to try these cakes for yourself, please share with us what you think!

✔ Baked at a low temperature of 130degC
✔ Dairy Free
✔ Low in Sugar
Healthy ingredients
✔ Chemical and Additive Free
✔ No Baking Powder! (just like our Organic Chiffon Cakes)

What makes them rise without baking powder?
It is the eggs that have been carefully whipped to peaks and gently folded, then carefully baked to perfection.

As always, you are encouraged to read the ingredient list to know exactly what goes into these cakes.

Flavours of these cakes currently available:

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Bud Of Joy > 130 degrees Organic Cakes