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Bud Of Joy > News Releases > The Ingredient List Reveals Many Secrets

The Ingredient List Reveals Many Secrets

SINGAPORE, December 13, 2014 - On most ingredient labels of manufactured biscuits, breads and food products found in supermarkets today, you will usually find food additives, chemical flavourings, colourings, and emulsifiers. It is hard to find food made from pure ingredients. But the trend is slowly changing as people in Singapore become more health conscious.

Artisan and Organic
For the last 2 years, Singapore bakery Bud Of Joy has provided artisan and organic breads, cookies and cakes that are made from scratch. It is also one of the rare bakeries in Singapore that make 100% Wholemeal Breads with absolutely no gluten flour or other additives, while maintaining a surprisingly soft texture for Wholemeal Breads by using a special technique.

Driven by a purpose, their mission is
"to provide Singaporeans with pure and untainted food, and to inspire others to do likewise."

"It is not just about being organic, it is also about the careful selection of ingredients and taking special care to avoid harmful additives. We believe in providing premium baked goods designed to bring health back into food", said the company's spokesman.

Healthy and Tasty can go together
Believing that pure and healthy food can also be rewarding to the taste buds, they have also created a variety of products previously unheard of in Singapore. One of their better known products is their Organic Chiffon Cake, which is also said to be the first of its kind in Singapore. Beyond being made from scratch using pure and Organic ingredients, it does not even contain baking powder. Instead, much work and precision goes into beating the egg white for the fragrant cake to rise just right.

Other popular items that they have created from scratch include Organic Log Cakes, Organic Fruit Cakes, Organic Mooncakes, Organic Pineapple Tarts and Organic Almond Butter. Their 130 degree cakes are also quite a rare find. A refreshing range of organic baked delights can be found on their website https://budofjoy.com where orders can also be conveniently made. Island-wide delivery is also provided at $8.20 for weekdays.

As no preservatives are added, many of their products do not have a long shelf life . Some products like the 130 degree cakes must be kept refrigerated, and the Chiffon Cakes are best consumed within 1 to 2 days. Breads are best consumed within 3 days. Or they can keep frozen for up to 2 months, and steamed before consumption. Care has to be taken to follow storage instructions to ensure freshness, just like in the days before preservatives were commercialized.

Sharing the secrets of baking from scratch
To those who are interested in learning to bake from scratch using pure ingredients, Bud Of Joy also offers baking workshops. These range from short two hour sessions to half-day courses where participants get to learn and create their very own baked delights. Parent-child workshops are also offered to those who would like to have a fun time baking with their children and bringing home healthy baked goods. For those who would like to learn the secrets behind their Organic Chiffon Cakes, there are also workshops for that.

If it goes their way, Singapore can look forward to an increasing variety of food made from scratch using pure ingredients, as more and more food providers are inspired to do likewise!

For now, they are inviting everyone to sample their Organic Christmas Specials.
Sampling can be done during opening hours from now till 24th December.
And yes, read the ingredient lists to know exactly what goes into those goodies.

About Bud Of Joy
An artisan, organic bakery providing premium baked goods designed to bring health back into food.
Address: 71 Circuit Road, #01-31, Singapore 370071
Website: https://budofjoy.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/budofjoy

The bakery is open Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 12noon to 5pm.
It is closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays.

Press Release: The Ingredient List Reveals Many Secrets
Updated: December 15, 2014

Bud Of Joy > News Releases > The Ingredient List Reveals Many Secrets