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Bud Of Joy > Organic Store > Healthfood > Olive Leaf Extract with probiotics

Olive Leaf Extract with probiotics

Olive Leaf Extract with probiotics

Product of Australia

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Rochway Olive leaf extract is a natural health supplement extracted from the leaves of olive trees and fermented to release all the goodness of the product that helps our body absorb the nutrients more effectively. It is 100% organic and probably one of the best probiotics available on the market today.

The use of Olive Leaf Extract goes back to the Ancient Greeks and researchers have since discovered important elements in the olive leaf. This includes better heart health.

✔ Antioxidant
✔ Anti-Inflammatory
✔ Anti-Bacteria
✔ Anti-Viral
✔ Anti-Cancer
✔ Lower Bad Cholesterol
✔ Lowers Blood Glucose to normal levels
✔ Lower Blood Pressure
✔ Protects against oxidative damage
✔ Slow digestion of starches into simple sugars

Find out what medical research has to say about the benefits of Olive Leaf Extracts:
Haris Omar, S. (2010). Oleuropein In Olive And Its Pharmacological Effects. Scientia Pharmaceutica, 78(2), 133-154.

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✔ Antioxidant
✔ Anti-Bacteria
✔ Anti-Viral
✔ Probiotics

✔ Antioxidant
✔ Anti-Bacteria
✔ Anti-Viral
✔ Probiotics

✔ Antioxidant
✔ Anti-Bacteria
✔ Anti-Viral

✔ Anti-Inflammatory
✔ Strong Antioxidant
✔ Probiotics
✔ Aids Digestion

✔ Gluten Free
✔ Alcohol Free
✔ Vegan Friendly
✔ Lactose Free

Bud Of Joy > Organic Store > Healthfood > Olive Leaf Extract with probiotics