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We make premium baked goods designed to bring health back into food

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Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm
Closed on Sun, Mon and Public Holidays
71 Circuit Road, #01-31, S370071

MRT: MacPherson (5 min)
Carpark: Just behind Shop


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Organic Bakery

BreadsOrganic Focaccia - CheeseOrganic Focaccia - OnionOrganic Focaccia - TomatoOrganic Italian Herb BatardOrganic Wholemeal Sourdough BreadOrganic 100% Wholemeal Spelt Bread (Walnut Raisin)Organic 100% Wholemeal BreadOrganic 100% Wholemeal Bread (3 Seed)Organic 100% Wholemeal Bread (Chia Seed)Organic 100% Wholemeal Bread (Pumpkin Seed)Organic 100% Wholemeal Bread (Raisin)Organic 100% Wholemeal Bread (Walnut)Organic Pulut Hitam Soft LoafOrganic Multigrain Soft LoafOrganic Muesli Soft LoafOrganic Cinnamon Buns - pack of 10Organic Gluten-Free Amazing Sourdough Loaf (Uncut, 900g)Organic Oatly Soft LoafTheOne Organic Gluten-Free Batard (Vegan, Gluten-Free, Gum-Free)Organic Messy Buns - pack of 2Organic Messy Buns - pack of 10Organic Vegan Plain Burger Buns (pack of 10 buns)Organic Vegan Plain Sausage Buns (pack of 10 buns)Organic Focaccia - Assorted 4xOrganic Baby Friendly Buns (Salt free and Sugar free)Organic Italian Herb Baguettes (bag of 2)
CakesOrganic Chocolata - 130 degrees Chocolate CakeOrganic Oranginal - 130 degrees Orange CakeOrganic Pandana - 130 degrees Pandan CakeOrganic Butter CakeOrganic Chocolate Rose CakeOrganic Chocolate Chip Cupcake (Creamless)Organic Pumpkin Seed Cupcake (Creamless)Organic CupcakesOrganic Walnut Cupcake (Creamless)Organic Marble CakeOrganic Orange Chiffon CakeOrganic Pandan ChiffonOrganic Walnut Cake (100% Wholemeal)Celebration CakesOrganic Chocolate Fudge Cake (rectangular)Organic Banana Walnut Cake (100% Wholemeal)Organic Mini Creamed Cupcakes (32 mini cupcakes packed snugly in 2 boxes)
CookiesOrganic Wholemeal Almond CookiesOrganic Cheese SconesOrganic Wholemeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (No Sugar Added)Organic Almond Cookies (Gluten Free and Vegan)Organic Peppery Cheese CookiesOrganic Walnut Maple Scones
MuesliOrganic MuesliOrganic Activated Trail Mix (Nuts)
MuffinsOrganic Apple Cinnamon MuffinOrganic Banana-Walnut MuffinOrganic Banana Muffin (Gluten Free)Organic Pumpkin Muffin (Gluten Free)Organic Vegan Chocolate Muffin
PastriesOrganic Cream Puff - 9pcsOrganic Eclairs - 12pcsOrganic Mushroom Quiches - 9pcs
SpreadsArtisan Organic Almond ButterArtisan Organic Black Sesame SpreadOrganic KayaArtisan Organic ABC Spread (Almonds, Brazil Nuts and Cashews)

Organic Store

BeansOrganic Black Sesame SeedsOrganic Black Turtle BeansOrganic Chia SeedsOrganic Chickpeas (Garbanzo)Organic Pumpkin SeedsOrganic Red Azuki BeansOrganic Red LentilsOrganic Red RaisinsOrganic Sunflower SeedsOrganic Yellow Mung Bean (Tau Suan)Organic Flaxseeds (Linseeds)Organic Green Mung BeansOrganic Green RaisinsOrganic White Sesame Seeds
BeveragesOrganic Almond Milk (Gluten-Free)Organic Oat MilkOrganic Paris Creek Milk 1L (advance order)Organic Paris Creek Milk 2L (advance order)Organic Rice Milk (With Added Calcium)Organic Ginger BeerOrganic Paris Creek Cheddar Cheese
CondimentsEden Celtic Sea SaltHimalayan Rock SaltLive Sea SaltOrganic Black PepperOrganic Cinnamon PowderOrganic Ginger PowderOrganic Manuka Honey 25+Organic Molasses Powder (unsulphured)Organic Raw SugarOrganic Tahini (Unhulled)Organic Tumeric Powder (80g)Organic Blackstrap Molasses Liquid (Biogreen)Organic Maple SyrupFrench Celtic Sea SaltOrganic Moringa Leaf PowderOrganic Raw Honey (Wilderness Honey)Organic Manuka Honey 30+Organic Raw Eucalyptus Honey
Essential OilsOrganic Frankincense OilOrganic Peppermint OilOrganic Tea Tree OilOrganic Lavender OilOrganic Activated Black Seed Oil
GrainsOrganic Baby OatsOrganic Gaba Sprouted Brown Rice - BlackOrganic Gaba Sprouted Brown Rice - Hom MaliOrganic Hulled BuckwheatOrganic Hulled Rolled OatsOrganic Red Quinoa 1kgOrganic Thai Black Glutinous RiceOrganic Thai Fragrance Red Brown RiceOrganic Thai Hom Mali Brown RiceOrganic Thai Mixed Brown RiceOrganic Thai White Glutinous RiceOrganic White Quinoa 1kgOrganic Physllium HuskOrganic Hulled Millet 1kgOrganic Oat GroatsOrganic Hulled BarleyOrganic Quinoa Seeds 1kg
HealthfoodMelrose Organic Barley Grass 200gMelrose Organic SpirulinaOlive Leaf Extract with probioticsOlive Leaf Extract (Comvita)Olive Leaf Extract (Comvita Set of 2)Premium Whole Leaf Aloe Vera ConcentrateOlive Leaf Extract with probiotics (Set of 2)Rochway Bio-Fermented Turmeric with probioticsBarleygreen® Premium (Powder)Barleygreen® Premium (Caplet)Barleygreen® Premium (Set of 2 Powder) U.P. $142Barleygreen® Premium (Set of 2 Caplet) U.P.$142Rochway 25Bn Good Bacteria (60 Capsules)Organic Flaxseed Oil (Omegaflo)Rochway Bio-Fermented Prostate Nutrition Formula
HouseholdJoven Shower FilterRepelz Organic Plant Based Insect RepellantETL No.9 Organic All Purpose Green Cleaning Formula (1 Litre)ETL No.9 Organic All Purpose Green Cleaning Formula (4 Litres)ETL No.9 Empty Spray Bottle
HygieneNatures Gate Natural ToothpasteOral Botanica Organic Liquid ToothpasteOral Botanica Kids Organic Liquid ToothpasteOral Botanica Kids Organic Liquid Toothpaste (Set of 3)Oral Botanica Organic Liquid Toothpaste (Set of 3)Organic Argan Oil Conditioner (Bio Balance)Organic Citrus Shampoo (Bio Balance)Organic Lavander Shampoo (Bio Balance)Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo (Bio Balance)Organic Pomegranate Shampoo (Bio Balance)
JamsOrganic Apricot JamOrganic Peach JamOrganic Plum JamOrganic Strawberry JamOrganic Mixed Berries JamOrganic Blueberry Jam
JuicesOrganic Apple JuiceOrganic Bilberry JuiceOrganic Lakewood Cranberry JuiceOrganic Pomegranate JuiceOrganic Tart Cherry JuiceOrganic Concord Grape Juice (Eden)
OilsOrganic Extra Virgin Coconut OilOrganic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500mlOrganic Neutral Flavoured Coconut OilOrganic Radiant Sesame Oil - Lightly ToastedOrganic Virgin Coconut Oil (aroozoo - 450ml)Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Oro Del Desierto) - premium 250mlOrganic Virgin Coconut Oil (Ark - 375ml)Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Oro Del Desierto) - 500mlOrganic Sunflower Oil - 1L
OthersKing Oscar Brisling Sardines - Olive OilKing Oscar Brisling Sardines (pack of 12) - Olive OilKing Oscar Brisling Sardines (pack of 12) - TomatoKing Oscar Brisling Sardines - TomatoWild Caught Black Cod (Alaska) - 104/kgWild Caught Salmon (Alaska) - 75/kgWild Caught Pacific Cod (Alaska) - 66/kgStraits Barramundi Fillet - 34.5/kgStraits Red Snapper Fillet - 43/kg
PastasOrganic Brown Rice Bee HoonOrganic Fusilli TricoloreOrganic Handmade MisuaOrganic MacaroniOrganic Penne RigateOrganic Quinua Fusilli - Gluten FreeOrganic Quinua Penne - Gluten FreeOrganic Quinua Spaghetti - Gluten FreeOrganic Ten Grains VermicelliOrganic Wholemeal Claypot NoodlesOrganic Oat NoodlesOrganic 3 Mixed Noodles (Spinach, Millet, Beetroot)Organic Four Treasure MisuaOrganic SpaghettiOrganic Chlorella Rice NoodlesOrganic Flat White Rice NoodlesOrganic Kids Pasta - AlphabetOrganic Kids Pasta - VehiclesOrganic Baby Noodles - Multi Vege
SaucesBalsamic Vinegar made with Organic GrapesOrganic Apple Cider Vinegar Eden - 946mlOrganic Black Bean Sauce - LightOrganic Black Bean Sauce - ThickOrganic Chunky Tomato PureeOrganic Chunky Tomato Puree BasilOrganic ShoyuOrganic Tamari SauceOrganic Tomato Sauce NapoletanaOrganic Tomato Sauce with BasilOrganic Tomato Sauce with ChilliOrganic Tomato Sauce with Veg
VegetablesOrganic Brown Shitake MushroomsOrganic Australian Carrots (2kg)

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